EPIC Festival 2020

17th – 21st of June
Marrakech, Morocco

Discovering the GYPSY Edition.

From Wednesday 17th to Sunday 21st of June, the Festival will celebrate the fusion of yoga and arts with Workshops, Talks, videos projections and 5 unique and unforgettable Master Classes inspired by major human and cultural migrations. Let’s meet at the Al Maaden Golf greens for 3 hours of class-shows under the stars and open to everyone.

The EPIC Masterclasses, your multi-sensory experience.

Each Master Class is the result of a sharp art direction mixing international yoga teachers with an eclectic selection of musicians from past and present. Unique multi-sensory experiences, enhanced by original features like video, projection, dance and other artistic surprises.

The EPIC Wellness Week of Marrakech – June 17th till 21st.

From June 17th to 21st, the Marrakech EPIC Week will offer a comprehensive program to explore and understand the latest trends in the wellness industry. During 5 days, workshops, screenings, conferences and meetings will animate the large partner hotels of the city of Marrakech.

5 Days of Festival

From Wednesday 17th to Sunday 21st of June, the EPIC Festival gathers the greatest actors of the world of well-being around a unique and engaging program: workshops, conferences, screenings and 5 Fusion Master classes that will elevate the scene of health in Marrakech.

50 different Yoga classes

Yogis, to your mats! EPIC Festival will boost your yoga practice with nearly 50 different classes, for all levels and all tastes.

20 countries represented

EPIC Festival has over 20 different nationalities represented on stage and among the participants of the events. We are proud to call it an international meeting place for an authentic gathering of people and cultures.

15 types of music

EPIC Festival is a musical collaboration directed by the artist Kali G, combining electronic DJ´s with traditional music for a fusion of genres as creative as surprising.

6 locations
Early in the morning and in the evening after sunset, the Fusion Master Classes take place on the greens of Golf al Maaden. During the day, visit the most beautiful hotels in the city for the EPIC Wellness Week program. Finally, the International Yoga Day is celebrated in the Om Yoga Marrakech studio.
Social impact

EPIC stands for Empower People – Inspire Change. The EPIC movement values ​​human initiatives for social and cultural development.

Fusion Master Classes Program

Nomads Night 

The opening night is a tribute to African nomadic traditions. From Tuaregs of the Sahara to the Maasai of East Africa, this Master Class is an exploration of the great African ethnic cultures, almost mystical and yet so little known.

Thursday, June 18th


8 to 11pm

Bohemian roads

A Master Class that explores the musical and artistic baggage of Balkan nomadic populations, whose culture is built around the ideals of freedom and pleasure. An evening of complete surrender into history and memories.

Friday, June 19th


8 to 11pm

Indian Dreams

Back to the sources of the inner journey. This morning Master Class sees the fusion of electro sounds with traditional Indian instruments, for a yoga practice entirely dedicated to body sensations and their impact on the mind.

Saturday, June 20th


8 to 11am

Gitano Beats 

The evening of the festival invites the musical and artistic culture of the “gitanos” of Spain and Portugal. Guitarists, flamenco dancers and Fado singers will live a stunning experience.

Saturday, June 20th


8 to 11pm


Under the vibration of hang drums and organic electro sounds, the Closing Master Class brings out the benefits of Partner Yoga and Acro Yoga. Let’s go meet the people around us, connect to each other, trust and feel together this fun and unifying practice. June 21st also celebrates the International Day of Yoga.

Sunday, June 21th


8 to 10am