EPIC stands for

Empower People

EPIC is a global movement, bringing together Yoga actors, artists and thinkers around unique multi-sensory gatherings with a humanist scope.

This movement illustrates the possibility of changing lives with yoga, exploring a continent through the arts and strengthening dialogues between Africa and the rest of the world.

Inspire Change

This exceptional combination gave birth to 3-hour Fusion Master Classes, accompanied by live performances with traditional electro sounds, artists and yoga teachers from around the world.

An unforgettable experience to transport up to 1000 participants to a class that is totally unique.

Our EPIC social commitment

Improving lives and inspiring people to make sustainable changes, this is the message of EPIC.

We believe that social commitment is paramount, which is why we support every year a social project acting for development and education in Africa, by donating 10% of the profits generated through our events.

For its first edition in 2019, EPIC Yoga Festival is proud to support two African educational projects that are fighting to change the face of Africa and help build a strong identity: Project Soar Morocco and Africa Yoga Project.

Project Soar Morocco

Project Soar Morocco is founded by humanitarian and writer Maryam Montague after a long international career in humanitarian aid.

Through a five-pillar curriculum (Value, Voice, Body, Rights, Path), the organization aims to empower young girls in rural Morocco and position them as confident and daring leaders in their communities. Currently, Project Soar Morocco operates with 7.

Africa Yoga Project

Based in Kenya, AYP’s mission is to create jobs by training young people to become yoga teachers while guaranteeing them a minimum wage when they teach in their communities. Today, more than 6,000 people participate in more than 360 community-based courses taught by AYP teachers in 19 African countries.

AYP is participating in the expansion of yoga in Africa, with the deep conviction that the potential to change the world lives in all of us and defending the idea that body and mind must be connected to create lasting change.

Manifesto EPIC Yoga Festival

EPIC Yoga Festival comes from a dream of creating time and space for unifying people who are dedicated to the uplifting of hearts and soul on a daily basis.

Through 5 Transcendental Yoga Master Classes, true multi-sensory experiences, EPIC Yoga Festival is a tribute to the African culture. Each event is a participatory show, animated by international yoga teachers and accompanied by artistic performances, dancers, DJs and live music.

This Mystical and multisensory experiences take more than 1000 participants on unforgettable inner and cultural journeys leaving them inspired and transformed.

EPIC Yoga Festival is an African poem of pride and joy.
It brings together artists, citizens, musicians, yogis, thought leaders and philanthropists around the same cause: To promote Africa as a humanitarian, artistic, strong and colorful continent.

We profoundly support those who strive to change the face of Africa and to reinforce its timelessly powerful identity.

For its first edition, EPIC yoga festival is proud to support and showcase two meaningful educational projects: Project Soar Morocco and Africa Yoga Project.

The 21st of June marks the launch of festivities. A major date in the calendar, celebrating both Summer Solstice and International Yoga Day. A wonderful coincidence.

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